LATIN NIGHTS presented by Dance Tonight Chattanooga & Conga Latin Food

By Dance Tonight Chattanooga (other events)

Friday, August 18 2017 6:00 PM 9:30 PM

Join us for a special night of DINNER, COCKTAILS, & DANCING! Begin your night with some authentic Central & South American Cusine and a special evening cocktail at CONGA LATIN FOOD (walking distance from our studio, just 2 doors down). Then join us for 2 hours of Latin Dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, & more!) at DANCE TONIGHT STUDIO just 2 doors down from Conga.

Dinner will begin at 6:00pm and end at 7:30pm.

Dancing is from 7:30pm- 9:30pm.


1) Salvadorean Platter: One pork and cheese pupusa, one chicken tamale, rice & beans, sweet plaintains, and avocado.

2) Mexican Platter: Two soft tacos, one quesadilla, guacamole, rice & beans, and sweet plaintains.

3) Arroz con Pollo: Garlic chicken mixed with yellow rice with a side of sweet plaintains, yucca root, avocado, and queso dip.

4) Vegetarian Platter: Two tostones top with guacamole, a spinach & cheese quesadilla, a corn tamale, rice & beans, sweet plaintains, and yucca root.

Each plate will come with an option of one of the following cocktails:

One glass of red sangria.

One International beer.

One mango juice (non-alcoholic).